As an academy school, the local governing body, on behalf of the Good Shepherd Multi Academy Trust, acts as admissions authority - it decides the admissions policy and makes decisions about the allocation of places for Lorton School. 

The local authority acts as co-ordinator of admissions for all schools in Cumbria. Click on the link below to visit the Cumbria County Council website and find out more about applying for a place: 

Before Starting School

Once you have had chance to familiarise yourself with our school through our website, and completed the Cumbria County admissions form we would like to encourage you and your child or children to visit us so that you can have a look around the School and we can answer any questions you may have. Please Contact Us to make an appointment.

All children start primary school in the September following their fourth birthday. For the first two weeks of the Autumn Term, our Early Years Foundation Stage children attend School on a part time basis only. You will be notified of the details nearer the time. From the third week of term all children attend full time.

Getting Ready for School

The induction programme for all Early Years Foundation Stage children and their parents takes place in the Summer term prior to starting School. Arrangements will be made for our staff to visit you and your child at home and in nursery, providing your child an opportunity to interact with his or her teaching assistant in a familiar environment while we can learn more about any special requirements your child might need.

Children will have the opportunity to visit School on a number of occasions to meet their teachers and mix with the other children who will be in their class. Parents will have the opportunity to find out much more about Lorton School and how we provide for the children. There will also be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and meet many of the people who will be responsible for various aspects of your child's education and development.

"Both our children have had a flawless introduction to Lorton School, a testament to the warm and friendly ambience of the school."

A Happy and Exciting Start

Your child's first few weeks at School should be happy and exciting. A happy and secure child can devote all his or her energies to learning. We recognise that you are your child's main educators. Our role is to support, extend and provide new experiences.