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Daily Routine

Children and parents are welcome in school from 8.30 am. At that time, a member of staff, usually the Headteacher, will be on playground duty for children who wish to play outside. Children are not allowed outside unless a member of staff is present on the playground. Teachers are in classrooms from 8.30 am. The Headteacher will also see children in from the two buses that serve the school. Parents are encouraged not to initiate ad-hoc meetings with teachers at this time, as teachers are busy preparing for the morning lessons. We understand that there may be particular circumstances when a meeting is absolutely necessary.

At 8.50am a bell will ring to call children to their classrooms for register.

Registers are taken before each class is brought to assembly in the pavilion.

School ends for everyone at 3.05 pm. After School Club staff collect their children at 3.00pm. Bus children are sent by their teacher to gather in the entrance hall where a member of staff, usually the Headteacher, will complete a bus check list before taking the children out to waiting buses. Once bus children have left the entrance hall, teachers can release their classes. Children in Y4/5/6 are escorted on to the yard and their class teacher will ensure that every one of them is met. Children not collected know to wait with their teacher at the main door. Children in Y2/3 and Rec/1 are brought through the main door and handed over to waiting parents.

Staff are available for informal meetings at the end of every day, unless they are required for other meetings.

8.50am - Registration
8.55am - Assembly
9.10am - Phonics/Literacy
10.25am - Break
10.50am - Numeracy
12.00pm - Lunch
1.00pm - Registration
1.05pm - Afternoon session (with flexible break)
3.05pm - End